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“Integrating was a snap, the support is phenomenal and we did not have a single fraudulent order since we started! If you're accepting credit card payments online you can’t afford not to get NoFraud.”

— Daniel Serres, Swiss Gear

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“NoFraud has saved us from over 100k In Fraudulent orders and has allowed our entire team to work on more urgent tasks. They are a rock and roll squad and their sales and support team respond very quickly to all my concerns. I recommend them to anyone with fraud orders coming into their system even just as our insurance policy. They beat the pricing we have gotten from other vendors of their type.”

— Steel Supplements

Steel supplements 946955d928fd4556cfa6617c24dd9c5ffe858c56c7fe41c8b918586ff9c6397a
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“We've used NoFraud for about 18 months now and couldn't be happier. We are using Volusion as our website platform. There weren't any good fraud scanning tools available for Volusion, so we reached out to NoFraud to see if they could make it work. They did! Over our time with them they have steadily improved the Volusion integration. NoFraud catches attempted fraud that we would have normally allowed through without question. We used to spend a tremendous amount of time on manual review after being burned too many times with chargebacks. Their system is impressive. I would personally recommend NoFraud to anyone I know dealing with an e-commerce site dealing with credit card fraud.”

— Rc Superstore

Rc superstore 9f9906b50ef30a9c7194e993dc274c5611ed27b4b003abe7474ac85a6825e1f6
“Switched to NoFraud from another large competitor. We're saving time, money, but best of all is their acceptance rate which we find to be a significant improvement. We can truly trust that if NoFraud says it isn't good, that it probably isn't! Very happy with the service.”

— Mmawarehousellc

Mma warehouse e608708f7b995074b2e415361c4e5dd87c36e7ccc0d92078254b2e95e6fedcce
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T5 8a1babfaa3f57bd33cc43e521816f2cced5c6bf1cccc63eb843b46f3b1d40791
“We haven’t had a single, solitary charge-back since partnering with NoFraud. And...our false positives have been greatly reduced.”

— Eric Elliott, Director eCommerce – Ambush Board Co.

Ambush board 1ee0afe9a0f581c1ea644880cbe7d215d0524450bc5de916502b7f165f2bab89
“NoFraud saved our butt — we had a fraud attack where we are getting multiple fraud orders everyday. They were great and from day one started taking care of our problem and by end of the week, the fraud stopped. I would highly recommend their service, plus they provide one of the better value in the industry.”

— Hydra Smartbottle

Hydra smartbottle 3d89efdffe3c82673bfb4127c0038486926bb74ea623072c09a85e6dc32bd511
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“We are very happy with the NoFraud service. The team is professional and courteous. They take the time to answer any and all questions you may have. The benefits of the service are immeasurable. Just the piece of mind knowing that if an order comes through, we don't have to be concerned about fraud really frees up our time to focus on growing our business...”

— 1saledeals

One sale 60c7699fb536ed9ed2f6798950508c62feb12a306f651a0bac8402aa9ef4593d
“NoFraud has been excellent in helping us manage fraud (particularly for international orders). It has been excellent for us as we don't want waste time (and money) dealing with chargebacks. I would also note that the customer service is exceptional and their team has really helped us.”

— Rebel Girls.

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