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“We can’t say enough wonderful things about the team at NoFraud. They are extremely responsive, knowledgeable, and easy to work with. The peace of mind we get from knowing that they are handling the fraud check process is invaluable. NoFraud’s system consistently delivers accurate order ratings and recommendations.”
“The NoFraud app is really easy to install and set up. NoFraud’s analysis has been much more effective than the standard default Shopify fraud analysis. It catches fraud missed by Shopify and passes orders that Shopify said were high risk. Best part is, you can contact NoFraud and speak with someone.”
“5 stars across the board! We switched to NoFraud a year ago and not only did my approval rate increase drastically but pricing was also a lot more competitive. The integration is seamless and literally worked out of the box with zero changes to our current workflow.”

Trusted by Hundreds of Shopify Stores

Eliminate Chargebacks

No more surprise chargebacks. If you get a fraud chargeback for an order we approve, we will pay you back.

Approve More Orders

NoFraud boasts some of the highest order approval rates in the business. Never worry about fraud false positives again.

Create Frictionless Experiences

Improve conversion with a beautifully designed checkout experience built to put trustworthy shoppers on the fast track.

Lightning-Fast Integration

Our plug-in Shopify integration lets you get started in minutes, not days, so you can start screening orders right away.

Install the NoFraud extension from the Shopify app store.

View NoFraud screening results in real-time.

Automate actions to cancel, refund, and restock fraudulent orders directly in Shopify.

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Shopify’s Fraud Tool vs. NoFraud

Improve Decision Accuracy by 30%

Compared to Shopify’s built-in fraud detection system.

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Ready to learn more?

Book a demo and see our accurate real-time fraud screening for eCommerce in action.