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Who We Are

NoFraud is a fraud prevention and checkout solution that protects consumers against unauthorized credit card use. Thousands of eCommerce retailers partner with NoFraud to screen transactions for suspicious activity and make the checkout experience easier for trustworthy shoppers.

NoFraud screens hundreds of thousands of orders every day and has prevented countless fraudsters from making purchases using stolen credit cards.

How NoFraud Checkout Works

When you shop with a business that uses NoFraud Checkout, NoFraud screens the order in real-time to determine whether there are any indications of fraud. This process begins as soon as you start entering your information into the checkout field.

If NoFraud has already vetted you as a trustworthy shopper, you may notice that you have the option to auto-fill your checkout information the next time you shop. This just means that, based on your prior shopping history, you are considered a low fraud risk and can enjoy a faster checkout experience as a result.

The Benefits of NoFraud Checkout

As consumers, we all benefit when businesses take a serious interest in preventing fraud. In some cases, NoFraud had even alerted victims of suspicious activity before they received notification from their bank! Rest assured, if the store you are shopping with is partnering with NoFraud, they are doing their part to protect you from payment & credit card theft.

Additionally, by shopping with retailers that use NoFraud Checkout, you can experience the convenience of a one-click checkout even if you don’t have a store account with that business. If you are recognized as a trusted shopper by any store in the NoFraud network, NoFraud will give you the option to autofill your information for an effortless checkout experience.

What NoFraud Does with Your Information

NoFraud takes the privacy of our users very seriously. We will never sell personal information to third parties for advertising or marketing purposes. When you use NoFraud Checkout, your payment information is encrypted and stored securely in a token vault used for transactions. Shop easy knowing Merchants do not have access to sensitive payment information. Please refer to our Privacy page for more details.

If you prefer that NoFraud does not save your information for quick checkout, please unsubscribe using the link below.

Ready to learn more?

Book a demo and see our accurate real-time fraud screening for eCommerce in action.

Ready to learn more?

Book a demo and see our accurate real-time fraud screening for eCommerce in action.

We offer Starter Plans for even the smallest sized businesses, including a free plan and plans that include chargeback protection for companies that process less than $50,000/month.

Businesses that process more than $50,000 in revenue/month qualify for custom pricing. Book a demo and see our accurate real-time fraud screening for eCommerce in action.

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