Can I get a trial version of NoFraud?
Absolutely! NoFraud encourages you to run the system in the background for a week or two and compare the numbers with your current fraud prevention techniques.
Does NoFraud increase the amount of time it takes to approve a transaction?
NoFraud consolidates all of the relevant, available information about a transaction, and returns an “accept or decline” answer in a matter of milliseconds, even for complex orders. There is no noticeable customer delay.
Isn't manual review an important part of fraud prevention, particularly for checking false-positives?
Manual review is great for those "gray area" transactions, but only if done correctly. Great attention must be given to selecting the correct transactions for review. Otherwise, accepting a transaction that cannot eventually be verified by manual review loses revenue. Manual review is also time consuming and delays fulfillment. NoFraud takes over manual review and automates the decision process. Futhermore, NoFraud contacts the legitimate cardholder to personally confirm any questionable, non-automated transaction decisions.
Can NoFraud be as effective as other solutions if it is not customized to my business?
While companies might be different, fraudsters are essentially the same: they don't differentiate one company from another. NoFraud is tailored to the behavior of the fraudster, not the business, making it more precise and more effective than other options.
I already have fraud safeguards in place, so why do I need NoFraud?
NoFraud is the most comprehensive fraud prevention service in the industry. From built-in CVN and AVS, to global and merchant-specific blacklists, to customer verification, NoFraud ensures merchants have more time and money to focus on growing their business, not filling the gaps in their existing fraud prevention methods.
Is NoFraud GDPR compliant?
Yes, NoFraud has made significant efforts to ensure both the GDPR compliance of not only NoFraud, but also our vendors and third-party suppliers. If you are subject to the GDPR please contact for the required paperwork.