Using advanced machine learning technology, we screen transactions in real time, eliminating review bottlenecks and allowing you to fulfill your orders quickly, increasing customer satisfaction.


We give you simple actionable decisions of Pass or Fail, so that you don’t need to be a fraud expert and allowing you to focus on what you do best.

Human Intelligence

Select high-risk transactions are placed under review. Our expert team of fraud analysts scrutinizes the transactions for validation, resulting in dramatically increased approval rates.


Device Identification

Track the customer's device and its history


Pinpoint the origin of the user placing the transaction

Proxy Piercing

Detect a customer attempting to mask their IP

Retroactive Monitoring

Continuously screen transactions as new data become available

Velocity Guard

Monitor related transaction data in close succession

Persona Tracking

Identify transaction characteristics and customer behavior

Identity Guard

Screen for identity fraud characteristics

Data Validation

Validate the authenticity of customer-provided data

Rapid Detect

Identify new patterns as they emerge

Global Blocklists

Utilize global compromised data lists

Bank Identification

BIN, AVS, CCV considered in fraud risk

Merchant-Specific Data

Incorporate merchant-specific data and behavioral metrics