The Urban Industry Story: Not all Fraud Solutions are Created Equal

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6.9% approval rate increase from previous solution

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2X approval rate on transactions with AVS N

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0 manual review

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The Company

Urban Industry is streetwear retail chain with four locations in the UK. Established in 2002, they sell high-quality footwear, clothing & accessories from over 90 worldwide brands. Urban Industry markets its products through their website, which has been steadily increasing in popularity.

The Challenge

Urban Industry was routinely the target of fraud, and for several years, they relied on their own internal process to manually screen orders for fraud, using a combination of gateway filters, Google, and intuition. As their web sales steadily increased , their approach to fraud prevention proved difficult to scale, resulting in order backlogs and delays. They decided to use an automated solution developed by a large fraud prevention company and NoFraud competitor.

Initially, Urban Industry was relieved that they no longer had to manually screen their transactions. However, after several months of implementing the solution, they notice a growing uptick in customer complaints about canceled orders. After some investigation, Urban Industry realized that their

automated fraud solution was needlessly declining a large volume of valid purchases based on false suspicions of fraud.

To correct the problem, Urban Industry began double-checking the transactions that their fraud solution declined, submitting proof on most of the declines that the order was, in fact, a valid order. Despite these extra efforts, many of the orders were still declined a fraud guarantee and Urban Industry was left to decide if they should ship out an order they were quite sure was legitamite. Ironically, Urban Industry found themselves doing as much manual work, if not more, with this “automated” solution as before they had installed it while receiving inferior results.

The Solution

Urban Industry searched for an alternate solution that offered guaranteed fraud prevention and decided to try NoFraud based on its reviews in the Shopify app store. The software installation was extremely quick, and the customer interface was more user-friendly and easier to navigate than their previous solution. However, could NoFraud deliver a better approval rate of valid purchases? To determine this, Urban Industry decided to test NoFraud’s fraud prevention system in tandem with its competitor for 5 weeks and compare the results.

The Results

Other Solution


Overall Approval Rate

84.3 %

91.2 %
AVS N Approval Rate
Transaction Fails Per Solution

Other Solution Failed; NoFraud Passed

Other Solution Passed; NoFraud Failed

Both Solutions Failed

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Number of times Urban Industry had to submit proof of an order’s validity


Fraud Solution
Review Rate

1.4 %

0.5 %

NoFraud was able to boost the transaction approval rate beyond its competitor’s by 6.9% while still accurately identifying fraudulent transactions. NoFraud’s approval rate on AVS mismatched orders (AVS Code N) was significantly improved, from 46% to 95%. The number of orders with an instant approval climbed to 99.5% from 98.6%. The need to manually review declines was eliminated as Urban Industry felt confident in the NoFraud decisioning.

In all, NoFraud’s solution translated into a higher approval rate, faster order processing, and much happier Urban Industry customers.

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"We love how NoFraud proactively conducts the review without requiring us to submit proof on why an order that was declined coverage is actually valid. Most importantly, NoFraud's approval rate is significantly higher than that of our previous solution. Moving over to NoFraud turned out to be a no-brainer."

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Vickie King Operations Manager, Urban Industry