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NoFraud Wins BigCommerce Emerging Partner Award!

BigCommerce recently announced the winners of their prestigious Partner Awards, recognizing exceptional technology partners who contribute to the success of BigCommerce merchants. We’re thrilled to share that NoFraud has been awarded the Emerging Partner Award!

This award spotlights new partners whose innovative solutions deliver a frictionless user experience, garner outstanding customer reviews, and are rapidly adopted by merchants across the BigCommerce ecosystem. 

“These are partners who consistently put innovation and customer-first at the heart of building world-class eCommerce solutions to help brands and retailers maximize success. Our strong partner ecosystem plays a significant role in ensuring enterprise customer growth, satisfaction, and retention,” said Dan Fertig, Vice President of Agency Partnerships at BigCommerce.

NoFraud: Protecting Businesses and Boosting Sales

As a recent addition to the BigCommerce partner community, NoFraud has impressed with its commitment to safeguarding businesses against fraudulent transactions. By minimizing fraud risk, NoFraud empowers BigCommerce merchants to focus on growth and success.

BigCommerce’s judges were particularly impressed by NoFraud’s trajectory. This is what they had to say: “NoFraud climbed through the ranks of our longtail program and was promoted to a managed partner where it quickly demonstrated the value their fraud prevention platform provides. In the last year, NoFraud has helped protect countless BigCommerce customers from bad actors, all while providing an uplift in revenue through increased approval rates. NoFraud has emerged as a best-in-class solution, and we’re looking forward to continued partnership growth.”

The Impact of NoFraud on BigCommerce Merchants

In the past year alone, NoFraud has played a crucial role in protecting countless BigCommerce merchants from fraudulent activity. But their impact goes beyond just security. NoFraud’s solutions have also helped merchants increase revenue through improved approval rates. Here’s what some of our BigCommerce merchants have to say.

“There’s no way a salesman who is growing a business by 20% a year should be tied to order reviews…When NoFraud came along, everyone was able to breathe a sigh of relief… It has taken the pain away from us.”

Josh Crawley
TruTech Tools Sales Manager

“The team at NoFraud is so easy to work with — they are very attentive and get everything done easily.”

Aaron Kuehner
IT Manager at HydroMist

The judges were effusive in their praise for NoFraud, calling it a “best-in-class solution” and expressing excitement for continued partnership growth. We share that enthusiasm! We’re committed to working hand-in-hand with BigCommerce to provide merchants with the tools they need to thrive in the ever-evolving eCommerce landscape.

NoFraud for BigCommerce Merchants

BigCommerce merchants can get started with NoFraud in less than five minutes — for free. Tackle fraud prevention and streamline the checkout process, all within the BigCommerce platform. This means real-time protection against fraudulent transactions with the peace of mind of a chargeback guarantee. With NoFraud, your team can eliminate the time-consuming task of manual order review,  reduce false positives, and get back to focusing on increasing revenue. Getting started is simple — install the NoFraud app in minutes, and start screening orders and securing your store right away. 

For a smooth customer experience, the NoFraud Checkout app integrates seamlessly with BigCommerce to minimize cart abandonment. Learn how pairing NoFraud with BigCommerce can increase conversions.

Ready to learn more?

Book a demo and see our accurate real-time fraud screening for eCommerce in action.

Ready to learn more?

Book a demo and see our accurate real-time fraud screening for eCommerce in action.

We offer Starter Plans for even the smallest sized businesses, including a free plan and plans that include chargeback protection for companies that process less than $50,000/month.

Businesses that process more than $50,000 in revenue/month qualify for custom pricing. Book a demo and see our accurate real-time fraud screening for eCommerce in action.

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