reduce other costs and losses associated with fraud
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per transaction
Amount lost to fraud divider into approved transactions
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per transaction
Amount saved by reducing chargebacks - per transaction using NoFraud
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per transaction
Cost of performing a manual review when factoring staff
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per transaction
Amount saved by not performing manual review - per transaction using NoFraud
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per transaction
Declined legit revenue due to fraud divided into transactions
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per transaction
Revenue gained by reducing decline rate - per transaction using NoFraud
How many transactions do you process per month?
What is your average transaction value?
What percentage of your monthly revenue are chargebacks?
What is the monthly percentage of declined (non-fraud) revenue?
What percentage of monthly transactions do you review manually?
save 10% with NoFraud
Without NoFraud
True Cost of Fraud per transaction (less your fraud prevention solution costs)
With NoFraud
True Cost of Fraud with NoFraud (less NoFraud service cost)
The cost estimates above are based off of the following: manual review is calculated based on an employee rate of $15 per hour and 5 minutes for review per transaction.