NoFraud announces partnership with X-Payments, a leading secure payments integrator Partnership enhances X-Payments’ current offering of PCI Compliant Payment Processing to include an airtight fraud prevention tool to prevent fraudulent credit card charges.

New York, NY - NoFraud, a premier provider of fraud prevention technology, announces a new integration with X-Payments, a leading secure payments integrator available on the X-Cart and Magento platforms. NoFraud specializes in providing small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) with a full service fraud tool, eliminating the need for any type of merchant involvement or expertise in the fraud prevention responsibility. NoFraud’s full service fraud prevention tool is a perfect complement to the X-Payments service.

“Our customers expect a secure and reliable payment service,” says Alex Mulin, Director of Sales at X-Payments and X-Cart. “While our service addresses PCI compliance and data security concerns, we did not have a strong partner to address the growing threat of credit card fraud that has lately been plaguing more and more of our customers.” NoFraud’s full service fraud prevention solution provides real-time yes/no responses to the eCommerce merchant while their customer is still in the cart, which will help X-Payments exceed customer expectations in delivering safe and secure payment processing experience.

X-Payments existing and future customers can expect:


  • Payment Processing
  • PCI compliant credit card storing
  • Easy Subscription Setup
  • X-Payment with NoFraud integration
  • Full Service Fraud prevention technology
  • Fraud rates below 0.1%
  • Complete elimination of manual review
  • Chargeback Protection available

This integration is just the latest example of NoFraud’s ongoing commitment to expand its fraud prevention capabilities to more SMB customers. Most SMBs do not have the resources for a fraud prevention department and NoFraud is the perfect solution to that shortcoming.

NoFraud, based in New York, NY, provides e-commerce merchants with the most effective eCommerce card-not-present fraud protection (CNP), virtually eliminating card-not-present (CNP) fraud, false positives, and chargebacks. See an immediate impact on your bottom line, without manual review or training. NoFraud is the price-performance leader, with no quotas, lengthy contracts, or start-up fees. NoFraud’s team of industry experts constantly updates the system using the latest technology to meet emerging threats. It is the only commercially available service that contacts cardholders directly to verify purchases, ensuring that businesses don’t deny legitimate customers. Visit for more information.

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