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Implementing NoFraud has vastly improved our business operations, not only by significantly reducing chargebacks and false positives, but by turning our clunky and inefficient fraud prevention protocol into a simple pass-fail decision that saves us loads of time and stress...If you’re plagued by fraud, there IS a better way—get NoFraud on your team!


Approve more orders

  • Get rid of your gateway filters that block good orders
  • The NoFraud review process approves high-risk orders other solutions would decline
  • Ship high-risk orders with peace of mind
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increase efficiency

  • Streamline your order processing with instant decisions*
  • Stop manually reviewing transactions for fraud
  • Eliminate review queue bottlenecks during busy season
*approximately 99.5% of orders
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Reduce or eliminate chargeback costs

  • Stop paying for fraud chargebacks
  • Save time on chargeback disputes
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Automatically block any customer you don’t want to do business with, for any reason

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Manage a list of safe customers – save on fees

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Customized Review process

Adjust our review settings to suit your company's preferences

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Transaction Insight

View the risk factors on every order

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Detailed reporting on order statuses, review results, fraud attempts and more

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Phone & Email Support

Speak to a live analyst

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Ability to Screen Phone Orders

All orders are safe from fraud

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Create Multiple User Accounts

Flexible options for different users

Flexible pricing plans to meet the level of fraud prevention assistance your business needs

Basic Service
Full Service without Chargeback Protection
Full Service with Chargeback Protection
Fraud Analysis (Pass/Fail/Review) Machine Learning powered solution will identify that a transaction is legitimate, fraudulent or requires additional review.
Blocklist/Allowlist Manage your own list of customers you always want to approve or decline. Can also be used for non-fraud related reasons.
Transaction Analysis in NoFraud Portal View the data points on the order that increased or decreased the transaction's risk of fraud.
No Long-Term Commitments Use NoFraud for the duration of time you choose.
Email Support Analyst email support during business hours.
Phone Support Speak to a live analyst during business hours.
NoFraud Analyst Review/Cardholder Verification For orders under Review, a NoFraud analyst will conduct an intensive investigation to validate the transaction.
NoFraud Analyst Decline Review For most orders that Fail, a NoFraud analyst will review the transaction to prevent a potential false positive.
Chargeback Protection Should a transaction that NoFraud Passed result in a fraud chargeback, NoFraud will reimburse you for the full chargeback amount.
Chargeback Representment NoFraud will dispute on your behalf the chargebacks for which NoFraud is liable.

How do you use Cashier & NoFraud with your Shopify or BigCommerce store?


Install the NoFraud app on your Shopify or BigCommerce store


Reach out to Cashier customer support to connect Cashier to NoFraud


That's all! The NoFraud decision will be available in your Shopify & BigCommerce interface.

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