Urotuning Picking Up Speed

$37K In annual chargebacks eliminated

12% Increase in order approvals

0 Order delays

The Company

Owned and operated by European car enthusiasts for enthusiasts, Urotuning offers OEM (original equipment manufacturer) and performance parts for Volkswagens, Audis, BMWs, MINIs and Porsches. The South Florida-based company is dedicated to providing top-notch customer service as well as competitive pricing.

The Challenge

As distributors of premium products in high demand, UroTuning was often a fraud target for individuals looking to steal big ticket items that they can easily resell. As a result, UroTuning’s customer service team would spend 10-15 hours each week scrutinizing every order for fraud, with a heavy focus on those that were of high value, or where expedited shipping was requested, or had any type of address inconsistencies. The verification procedure included looking up customers through Whitepages Premium and sending out forms for them to verify their credit card information. Consequently, there would often be order delays. Some customers protested this extensive process, while others, who chose not to verify their information, would simply walk away. UroTuning has a very high rate of returning customers, so if an order was canceled by the buyer, the estimated loss involved more than that single sale — losing the potential profit from future orders this individual might have placed was a particularly frustrating pain point.

Yet, even with taking these precautions, chargebacks were still occurring. UroTuning’s platform at the time had no effective fraud prevention solutions for merchants, and despite their best efforts using third party fraud tools and labor intensive reviews, they lost $37,000 in chargebacks in 2018. UroTuning knew they needed a better solution for fraud protection, so when they switched to Shopify, they immediately searched for an effective fraud prevention partner that focused on maintaining an elevated approval rate.

The Solution

After carefully researching the options in the Shopify app store, UroTuning decided to start with NoFraud, based on the customer reviews declaring their satisfaction with NoFraud’s approval rate. Downloading the app was quick and intuitive, and the software immediately began filtering out fraudulent orders with precision. UroTuning quickly found themselves without any order delays or need to reach out to customers for verification.

The Results

With NoFraud’s automated system in place, UroTuning was relieved that they could switch off their payment gateway filters, which meant even more transactions could be approved. They experienced an immediate 12% uptick in approved orders within the first month of using NoFraud. UroTuning redeployed the customer service team that was previously screening for fraud to outbound sales efforts, further increasing the value of the implementation of the NoFraud solution.

"After we implemented NoFraud, we no longer had to spend our valuable time chasing customers to verify charges and worrying about fulfilling questionable orders. By removing any doubt, we could just take care of our customers’ orders and not stress about any potential chargebacks."

Justin Welty Owner, Urotuning