Dodds Shoe co. Gives Manual Review the Boot with NoFraud

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88% Decrease in Review Orders

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2.5% Increase in Order Approval Rate

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$0 Fraud Liability

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The Company

Dodds Shoe Co. is a 4th generation footwear retailer, in operation since 1932. Located in the heart of the Rocky Mountains in Laramie, Wyoming, it is now the largest footwear center in the region. Its brick-and-mortar and online stores offer the most popular styles in brand name footwear and apparel at competitive prices.

The Challenge

Selling sought-after brands such as Ugg and Nike, Dodds was a frequent fraud target. They therefore felt the need to scrutinize every order with high-risk characteristics to protect themselves from credit card fraud. Their broad criteria for determining an order suspicious meant that Dodds found themselves manually reviewing 25% of their orders. Their review process involved a considerable amount of customer friction and often resulted in multiple phone calls between the customer service team and the customers. They often required customers to provide very detailed information to corroborate their transaction, which was time-consuming and frustrating for both the customers and the Dodds customer service team. Dodds Shoe Co. needed a friction-free solution to prevent credit card fraud toand replace their inefficient process.

The Solution

NoFraud was recommended to Dodds Shoe Co. by another NoFraud client. A 10-minute integration was all that was needed for NoFraud to immediately begin screening their orders for fraud. The NoFraud software not only eliminated the need for manual screenings, but also boosted the transaction approval rate from 95% to 97%, as the software correctly identified legitimate transactions that would have been erroneously blocked by the previous manual review protocol.

The Results

Dodds Shoe Co. has completely replaced its manual screening system with NoFraud’s services, resulting in worry-free eCommerce. They began enjoying the freedom to reassign the valuable resources previously assigned to fraud review to more profitable projects. Automating the fraud prevention process has eliminated order delays and greatly improved their customers’ experience. NoFraud’s Chargeback Guarantee completely protects Dodds Shoe Co. against vulnerability to credit card fraud.

Before NoFraud

95% transaction approval rate
25% of orders in the review queue were manually reviewed by Dodds with heavy customer friction
75% orders with instant decision

After NoFraud

97.5% transaction approval rate
0 orders manually reviewed by Dodds                                                                                          
99.4% orders with instant decision
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“NoFraud has reduced our fraud losses to zero! What’s more, it has allowed us to streamline operations and ensure that our customers have a better experience, which is critical. We needed a solution that was simple and easy to integrate. NoFraud has met and exceeded that criteria. NoFraud also handles the chargeback process, which is a helpful bonus. We would recommend NoFraud to any ecommerce business that struggles with fraud.”

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Jeff Dodds Owner